It's Electric! The Electric Car Show with Afeez Kay - It’s Electric’s 50th Episode with Scott Doucet
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46M • 6/11 2018

It’s Electric’s 50th Episode with Scott Doucet

If people are given the correct information, they tend to make the best choices for them, and that’s always been the mission of It’s Electric! In this episode, producer Scott Doucet joins Affex to discuss past episodes, Afeez and his crazy adventures all over the globe, and how the show has been making waves and raising awareness on the topic of electrification and EV’s. Plug in your earbuds and get ready to explore the range of topics this episode has to offer, and thank you for joining us for episode 50 of It’s Electric!   In This Episode A listener’s journey: from knowing nothing to becoming a know-it-all Electrification is picking up speed and urgency Saving the planet is important, but saving money and having fun while doing so is even better The increase in range is promising for future adoptees Afeez went to Paris and joined an electric unicycle gang When the world’s best and brightest reach the same conclusion It’s not enough to jump on the bandwagon, we need to tackle issues and find solutions   “People have taken electric cars to the arctic circle now” - Scott “I’m not biased to Electric cars, to me it just makes sense” - Afeez “Electrification is now” - Afeez “All electric vehicles now are not only a good idea, but a necessity” - Scott “If you’re not hitting 280 miles of electric range as a manufacturer, don’t come to the market” - Afeez “I want to start bringing people that are experienced in tackling issues and finding solutions not just jumping on the bandwagon” - Afeez “We want to be able to diversify” - Afeez “EV owners are the best people to do the talking” - Scott   More Afeez! Instagram Youtube Twitter   Rent a Tesla!

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