It's Electric! The Electric Car Show with Afeez Kay - Electric LEAF Man!
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42M • 17/4 2018

Electric LEAF Man!

Today Afeez talks to the YouTuber Electric LEAF Man! Andy has been doing the YouTube Channel for quite some time, and talks all things Electric Vehicle related on his channel, and brings the same high voltage conversation to It's Electric!   In This Episode What comes first: the cars or the infrastructure? Andy's Model 3 deposit, and his wait for the car Ecological, Financial and Fun reasons to choose a certain electric car Charging issues with a new Electric Car   “We don't want a quick mass adoption of EV's, we want a gradual change over for various reasons” “People forget how long it takes to actually design a car” “The pricing of it is very much a big consideration” “I've done 600 miles in a 24 kilowatt/hour LEAF” “It won't ruin their reputation, but it'll certainly smudge it”   More Electric LEAF Man Youtube:   Rent a Tesla!    

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