The Avid Reader Show - Episode 617: Stephen Leigh - Amid The Crowd Of Stars
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45M • 29/4 2021

Episode 617: Stephen Leigh - Amid The Crowd Of Stars

itunes pic [] Wherever we go, we carry with us our own souls, morals and seeds of creation or destruction. This book, especially in our time, gives the meaning of choice as we head down either of these roads. Amid the Crowd of Stars is a grand scale science fiction novel examining the ethical implications of interstellar travel, a topic rarely addressed in science fiction novels. What responsibilities do we have to isolate ourselves from the bacteria, viruses, and other life of another world, and to prevent any of that alien biome from being brought back to Earth? What happens when a group of humans are stranded for centuries on another world with no choice but to expose themselves to that world? After such long exposure, are they still Homo sapiens or have they become another species entirely? These questions are at the heart of this intriguing novel, explored through the complicated lives and the viewpoints of the people who have come to rescue the stranded colony, the members of that colony, and the sentient alien life that dwells on the planet. Difficult life and death choices will be made by all involved.

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