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Scary Story Podcast features scary stories about darkness, unexplained phenomena, and the paranormal. A collection of short original horror tales written by Edwin Covarrubias. New scary stories Tuesdays at 5 p.m. PST.

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A Haunted Car
22/12 2021

A Haunted Car

Scary stories "A Haunted Car", "Four Seventeen", and "Trail Children" by Edwin Covarrubias (@edwincov). Ad-free on [] Find me on social: [] More creepy shows: A Dark Memory: [] True Scary Story: [] Take our listener survey: [] Want to leave me a voicemail? [] This episode webpage: []

The Ghost Boy From the Park
8/12 2021

The Ghost Boy From the Park

Scary stories in this episode are "The Ghost Boy From the Park", "Locked Out", and "Gas Station" by Edwin Covarrubias ( [] Ad-free: [] Take our listener survey: [] Other creepy shows: [] [] Episode webpage: []

The Dinner Guests
1/12 2021

The Dinner Guests

Scary horror stories in this episode explore ghosts and the many ways we can experience their presence. Story 1: The Dinner Guests Story 2: Shadows in the House Story 3: Pictures Written by Edwin Covarrubias (@edwincov) Survey: [] Premium: [] Record a story with me: [] Episode webpage: []