The Radio Vagabond - 127 - Interview: TravelTomTom
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41M • 24/4 2019

127 - Interview: TravelTomTom

Apart from my regular travel episodes, I put out these interviews as bonus episodes whenever I meet an interesting traveler. And today is no exception. With a view of a beautiful bay from my balcony in Antigua - and a close drink within reach, I sit down with Tom Grond. Calling himself Travel TomTom, he has been a full-time traveler since 2012, and like me, he wants to visit all the countries in the world. Learn how he travels and how he's making money to sustain this dream life.   LINKS:  TravelTomTom: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Sponsor  You can follow The Radio Vagabond on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram og YouTube.  

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