(De eso no se habla) - [Subtitled video] 2. Jadiya
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31M • 11/9 2020

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[Subtitled video] 2. Jadiya

On what silences does a country stand? Silence has many forms, and it is expressed in many ways. There is the silence after receiving bad news, the silence of shame, or silences that appear when family secrets are sensed. And then there is silence as a verb: to silence. It’s what happens when someone speaks, but don't listen to them. In order to hear one of these voices, this episode begins with us sending a recorder to a woman. She lives somewhere very far, but also very close. We asked her to do just one thing: to record herself every day; to record what she did, what she thought, to record herself at home and at work, when she was alone and also with her friends or her family. This episode is the diary of that woman, in that place: a place to which we are united by many things; above all, by a great silence.

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