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Have you also often tried to change your life and found that it is not so easy? Maybe it was trying to lose weight, personal development, sports, finances or self-employment, etc. Do you remember the attempts you failed at? When you gave in to your inner pig for the sake of peace, or when you were no longer able or willing to withstand the pressure and you felt put on the defensive? Then you should definitely take a look at the Japanese change philosophy "Kaizen". With this philosophy you will learn how to approach your success and your goals with small steps but with high efficiency and how to reach your goals after all. Would you like to revive dreams and goals that have long since been filed away and to come closer step by step, without much effort, until the realization is inevitable? Wouldn't life immediately become much more meaningful again? Then turn to this book with its Japanese philosophy, which found its origin in large business groups and has continued its successful path into personal development. Kaizen means to approach improvements step by step instead of trying to bring about radical changes. The goal of the method is to continuously bring about minimal change and thus come inevitably closer to the goal.

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