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Two women, from opposite sides of the Atlantic, talk about murder, mystery and the macabre. This is your award winning, international true crime podcast, hosted by Annie and Johanna. 

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E228: A Fresh Hell Guide to Survival in Case of Disaster (part I)
In this crucial episode, we delve into indispensable safety guidelines for navigating the unpredictable realms of fire and earthquakes. We dissect emergency protocols, evacuation strategies, and essential preparedness measures, ensuring you're armed with life-saving knowledge. Join us as we explore the critical intersection of resilience, community safety, and disaster response in the face of these potentially catastrophic events.
56 min - 23. feb. 2024
E227: MURDER - Johann Arthold
Vienna in the middle of the post war era, still divided into four occupational zones by the Allied Forces! A police officer finds the body of the famous Chocolate King from Alsergrund: Johann Arthold. Soon a suspect is found in the 23 year old bar girl Adrienne Eckhard. Eckhardt presented a bizarre story involving a man named Konstantin Bertini as the true murderer. She claimed he had ties to drug trafficking, including morphine, and that he killed Arthold due to unpaid debts. Who was the real killer and what is the truth in this horrific murder case?
49 min - 16. feb. 2024
E226: Bloody Valentine's
Today we unearth the dark origins of Valentine's Day, an ancient tale of beheadings, forbidden romances, and the eerie echoes of the Roman festival of Lupercalia. Witness the haunting transformation from ancient rituals to the worldwide commercial embrace of modern Valentine's Day. Also, we will tell you about the infamous Valentine's Day Massacre, and the menacing legacy of Al "Snorky" Capone. Brace yourself for a journey through love's twisted corridors, where passion and peril intersect in this sinister exploration of Valentine's Day's hidden past.
51 min - 09. feb. 2024

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