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Hosted by the youth issue expert, journalist, and author of best selling book Gen Z: their Voices, their lives Chloe Combi, You Don’t Know Me, gives you a no holds barred insight into the lives of teenagers today, through their own experiences and voices.

Opening up conversation that’s missing or often difficult for teens to have with parents, teachers and even their peers, each episode allows teens to tell their story as well express their hopes, fears, insecurities and dreams while navigating their way in a challenging, new world.

You Don’t Know Me is the ultimate insight into Gen Z and the future they are creating.


The Future

Want to know the best way to be able to have a good idea about what is coming? Talk to young people! It’s really not a trite cliché that young people ‘are’ the future – but true.


In the first episode about the modern school system, we get under the skin of these issues, talking to teenagers about what it’s really like to attend a failing school and the impact this has had on their future.


What does faith and spirituality mean to teens living in the increasingly secular West, where we tend to worship Apple and celebrities more readily than we worship religious icons?


Being a teenage boy in the ‘20’s is challenging – you are either accused of possessing massive privilege or there is well-founded concern about how you are doing, with rates of depression, suicide, risky behaviour and body dysmorphia rising sharply in young men.


After a year of upheaval and devastation, race has finally become part of the global discussion and a priority conversation for everyone to be having – but how do you turn this into a movement and not just a moment?


Pornography has been around forever and has occupied a ‘special’ place in the lives of teenagers for decades. But has porn – and the relationship with porn – changed for the first truly digital generation? The answer is a resounding yes!!

Domestic Violence

Did you know that teenagers (16-19) are 40% more likely to suffer from domestic violence than people in their twenties (20-24)? Do teenagers even really know what qualifies as domestic violence or that they can become victims, seeing as the majority think DV happens to married middle-aged people?

Sex Work

There is no getting around it – sex work in the 2020’s is booming. From the meteoric rise of Only Fans, the popularity of Sugar Daddy-style dating apps, the proliferation of porn and webcamming, and young people utilising the power of the internet and social media to market themselves


Popularity is one of the most coveted ‘things’ for teenagers – all young people want to be seen as popular (both online and offline) and all parents want popularity for their kids. And yet, despite its importance, no one really understands what popularity is.

Body Image

Bodies. We’ve all got one. And you never have a more challenging relationship with your body than when you’re a teenager. Whilst the teenage relationship with their body has always been difficult, this has been hugely exacerbated for modern teens, by the existence of the internet and social media.

Cancel culture

What happens when something you said as a teenager – even if objectively offensive – casts a shadow on your entire future? We speak to teenagers who have been cancelled and get an in-depth perspective of what this feels like in the aftermath.


Hosted by the youth issue expert, journalist and author Chloe Combi, You Don’t Know Me is a new Podimo podcast that gives you a no holds barred insight into the lives of teenagers today, through their own experiences and voices.

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