Director of Growth

In Podimo we’re looking for a Director of Growth to build the global growth team as well as our growth strategy. You will be reporting to the CCO & Co-founder Andreas Sachse, and your role is in the global department, located in Copenhagen, with dotted lines between you and the growth responsibles in the local markets. As Director of Growth, your outset will be in our growth flywheel that consists of Content Driven Growth, Creator Driven Growth and User Driven Growth – in addition to more traditional channels like Paid.

You will form the growth strategy – both globally and locally. Globally you will be taking over an existing team (Engagement), and your first responsibility will be to expand the global team with an additional 3-5 FTEs. Together you will ensure ongoing performance improvements in all parts of the flywheel and in existing channels, and you will use your team to realise your growth strategy. Additionally, you will ensure a positive development of conversion KPIs by working closely with Tech & Product in mapping & optimising the user journey, improving CX and the product experience, and creating new features that will increase engagement, conversion, retention etc.

Main tasks to solve for you and your team:

  • Form the growth strategy and expand the global growth team.

  • Ensure that the markets hit their monthly targets for main growth KPIs (net ads, CPA, net-to-trial conversion, trial-to-pay conversion, weekly active listeners and more)

  • Maintain and improve the current channels and add new channels where you see fit. Work on improving the overall funnel performance and the user journey before and inside the app.

  • Manage and develop the global growth team, while ensuring that the local markets are supported with the right tools and knowledge

  • Grow the flywheel in the local markets by folding out and marketing the content, by using our ‘preferred partner’ status within the creator community, and by getting our users to drive growth through sharing, member-get-member, word of mouth etc.

  • Help create and improve the growth playbook for new markets

Consider yourself a success after your first 6-12 months as our Director of Growth if this describes our situation at that time:

The global growth team is taking shape and everyone in the team and in the organisation understands the role of the individual team member. The attribution to each of our channels is optimised and daily reporting has been set up. New channels are being tested and added on an ongoing basis, slowly building a catalogue of growth channels that can be used in the new markets (as part of the overall growth playbook). A/B split testing is an integral part of how the team works and how better results are achieved. This has helped drive more users to signup through our website (where conversion has been improved), and has increased engagement and conversion inside the app. Our flywheel is working and each growth engine in the flywheel is being optimised and revisited on an ongoing basis. Reporting of the effect of these growth engines has been set up, and the growth team, as well as most parts of the organisation, has access to this reporting and all work towards the collective goal of improving the metrics.

Who we are:

Podimo is the definitive platform for podcast lovers and audio content creators. Our intuitive app puts a world of podcasts at listeners’ fingertips, and our revenue share model means that creators are rewarded for making content that people want to hear – whether they have a massive following or a niche audience. Podimo is a brand-new ecosystem for podcasts, where creators and their content are at the center.

Are you the one we are looking for? Email your application and CV asap to sachse@podimo.com with the subject: "Director of Growth".

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