Market Talk: What’s up today? | Swissquote
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Market Talk: What’s up today? | Swissquote

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Relevant updates, everyday! Our Senior Market Analyst, Ipek Ozkardeskaya, is tirelessly on the lookout for updates and outlines in this podcast exactly what you need to know to successfully untangle the thickets of the financial markets, day by day. About the expert: Ipek Ozkardeskaya started her career in 2010 at Banque Cantonal Vaudoise in the field of structured products. After that, her professional path led her to the world’s biggest financial hubs including Geneva, London and Shanghai. Since 2020, she works for Swissquote as Senior Analyst. Ipek is a specialist for FX, leading market indices, individual stocks, oil, commodities, bonds and interest rates. Subscribe to the podcast to never miss an episode! 

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Bets that US rates will peak at 6% weigh on sentiment
US stocks failed to keep up with the European optimism on the back of rising bets that the Federal Reserve (Fed) could hike the interest rates to 6%. In fact, option traders are piling into bets that the US rates could peak at 6%. Plus, the surprise 50bp hike from Mexico’s Banxico, on the back of unexpected – and unwelcomed inflation jump since the end of last year, also raised worries that the US could experience a similar uptick in inflation, and, may have to raise rates higher. And the strong US jobs market, the latest recovery in energy and commodity prices on the Chinese reopening optimism, and the sudden jump in second-hand car prices are red flags… The S&P500 fell 0.88% yesterday, and Nasdaq retreated 0.90%. Topsellers will likely remain in charge of the market on the possibility that maybe inflation in the US may have not eased to 6.2% as expected by analysts. But nothing is clear before next Tuesday’s CPI release, in terms of Fed expectations. What’s interesting though, is that the hawkish Fed bets don’t translate fully into the US dollar valuation. The US dollar remains under pressure despite the positive pressure on the US yields. And the 50-DMA offers remain particularly solid in the US dollar index. Finally, Bitcoin fell 5% on news that Kraken stops staking. Negative pressure in tech stocks could further weigh on appetite. Listen to find out more!
10 min - 10. Feb. 2023
Bard’s gaffe costs Google more than $100bn!
US equities fell yesterday on the back of two important factors: hawkish comments from the Federal Reserve (Fed) members, and the unexpected surge in the American used car prices. The S&P500 fell more than 1%, while Nasdaq slid around 1.80%. Inside Nasdaq, Google had a particularly rough day, to say the least. The company posted a Tweet showing Bard in action, and the tweet went wrong, as Bard gave the wrong answer! The stock price slumped by more than 9% at some point. Microsoft on the other hand was upbeat on the news, and its valuation shortly surpassed the $2 trillion mark. Elsewhere, Uber jumped more than 5.5% on stronger than expected results. Disney also jumped by more than 5% in the afterhours, after reporting better than expected results, and the promise to slash $5.5 billion in costs, along with 7000 jobs. The US futures are in the positive at the time I am talking here, but the bears are not far away. In the FX, the US dollar remains upbeat, but the 50-DMA offers remain a solid resistance to a bullish breakout. Likewise, the EURUSD remains bid at around the 50-DMA, and the dollar-yen remains offered into the 50-DMA. So that 50-DMA mark is the key resistance that must be cleared to set the dollar bulls free for further appreciation, and de-block the situation in the FX space. In energy, US crude extended gains above its own 50-DMA yesterday. Could it extend gains higher, and by how much? Listen to find out more!
10 min - 09. Feb. 2023
Another hawkish speech from Powell goes unheard!
Another hawkish speech from the Federal Reserve (Fed) Chair Jerome Powell turned into a risk rally yesterday. Equities gained, and the bond yields fell. Yet, yesterday’s speech from the Fed Chair Powell was hawkish. He said that the Fed may hike the rates more than what’s priced in if the jobs market remains unexpectedly strong. The S&P500 still eased when Powell said they need ‘substantial evidence’ that inflation slowed, but finally, the index erased gains and ended the session by 1.30% higher. Nasdaq jumped more than 2%. The US 2-year yield eased and the US dollar first jumped, then eased. The EURUSD tipped a toe below its latest bullish trend base, and below its 50-DMA yesterday, and the pair is just at the edge of bullish trend again this morning, with no guarantee that it won’t slide further. Cable rebounded before hitting its 200-DMA, at 1.1950, and is back above the 1.20 mark this morning. BP shares price jumped nearly 8% to above our mid-term 500p target, after reporting report profit, dividend raise and share buyback, while crude oil jumped more than 4% as API revealed a 2-mio-barrel decline in US stockpiles. Listen to find out more!
11 min - 08. Feb. 2023

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