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Transitioning from our teens to our twenties we sat on a mission to inspire our generation (and every awesome human inhibiting this Earth) to live a life of soul-alignment with themselves, each other and the Universe. What came out what this podcast! Inspired by our curiosity and passion for growing into a higher alignment, we bring you radical authentic, hearty and powerful conversations with guest who are not only f*cking amazing, talented and wise, but who are the SUPER SOULS of our life. Tag along for your weekly doze of SOULFOOD in topics such as spiritual growth, health and leadership, always jam-packed actionable with tips and tools to make a positve change right here right now. We love connecting with our community, and SOULIES remember always: Be the light by keeping it light, celebrate your human messiness and follow the sparkle of joy - wake up to a life beyond your wildest dream 

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episode Ep. 54 With Amanda Holstein artwork
Ep. 54 With Amanda Holstein
In this episode Sara had the pleasure of sitting down with the gorgeous Amanda Holstein. Amanda is the CEO and founder of the modern advice column Advice from a twenty something and the sister blog Advice from a thirty something, offering down to earth advice to hundreds of thousands women globally. Based in San Francisco, she’s a true and super genuine creative specializing in influencer marketing, styling and interior design working with top profile brands like Teen Vouge, Forbes, The Every Girl and Popsugar. A true born wealth of wisdom, Amanda shares how going through major challenges, dealing with mental health conditions and feeling like your twenties are effing hard is completely normal and how we can get through it. We chat about * Her process launching Advice from a twenty something * How she grew the blog in to the successful business it is today * Why feeling like your twenties is effing hard is totally normal * Amanda’s experience with depression and anxiety * How she worked through it and her best advice for dealing with a mental health condition * Why connecting to your truth, intuition and soul is key * How she strengthens her intuition and trust muscle * Transitioning from your twenties to your thirties * The mindset that helps her move through any adversity or challenge * What she’s looking forward to in 2020 * And so much more This conversation and Amanda’s courageous and open-hearted spirit left us feeling so damn inspired to always remember our self-agency and power to weather any storm crossing our path! Resources: * Insta: * Websites
21. Dez. 2019 - 57 min
episode Ep. 52 Dr Will Cole artwork
Ep. 52 Dr Will Cole
Today’s episode is a real treat as the we sit down with leading functional medicine and health expert dr. Will Cole to chat on a literally hot topic, inflammation. Dr Cole has been named one of the top fifty Functional Medicine and integrative doctors in the US specializing in clinically investigating the underlying factors of chronic disease and customizing health programs for thyroid issues, autoimmune conditions, hormonal dysfunctions, digestive disorders, and brain problems. He’s a health expert in Goop and mindbodygreen and co-host on the podcasts Goop Fellas and Keto Talk. Also, he’s the author of Ketotarian and his newest book The Inflammation Spectrum, which we’re totally obsessed with. But what we admire most about Dr. Cole and why we’re super grateful to have him on the show, is his ability to look at you as a whole person in your full spectrum and that all of these components need to be considered when we talk about living a radiantly healthy life. We chat about How dr. Cole got into Functional Medicine and his unique approach What is inflammation and why it’s not the enemy in and of itself How chronic inflammation is the driver of most health issues in the western world The Cytokine model of cognitive function The link between chronic inflammation and mental health conditions The inflammation spectrum and figuring out where you are on it. Bio-individuality and the importance of figuring out what is right for your body How to take back the agency of your own health Dr. Coles two easy to go to protocols for calming down inflammation Understanding your stress threshold and sensitivity Why super healthy people still can get sick How inflammation is affecting our society and human interactions Why awareness is key The importance of knowing your non-food inflammators Fasting protocols and finding the right one for you Healthy vs diseased intentions Why self-worth is key to healing -you need to know you’re a Tesla And so much more This episode is jam packed with so much wisdom and amazing tools to reclaim the agency of your health and move into a more loving relationship with you body and soul.
04. Dez. 2019 - 1 h 8 min
episode Ep. 52 Chyla Walsh on being a female rebel artwork
Ep. 52 Chyla Walsh on being a female rebel
Chyla Walsh on being a female rebel, cultivating authentic connections and following your wildest dreams Chyla Walsh is a entrepreneur, mama, teacher and founder of Female Rebels, a movement of women gathering in radical sisterhood the dreams of the future together. Chyla has worked with hundreds of women in her mission to unite women around the world in authentic connection and nourishing selflove practices. This episode we take a deep dive into all female and soul rebels, giving your the best practices and tools for cultivating deep connection and rising to your inner rebellion. We chat about: Chyla’s story growing up surrounded by sisters and leaving the sisterhood The journey that lead her to create Female Rebels The intention and story behind the brand name What rebelliousness and Rebels are to her The magical moments and expansive stories What facilitating hundreds of circles has taught her about female energetics How to lead your life from your essence and truth The sacredness of language and word energetics Debunking the complexities of our society and returning to the power of simplicity How to hold space for your boldly huge dreams and invite in support from the Universe and your community Her best tips for becoming a creative soulful entrepreneur and writing your own rules if business The power of art and creativity and how it’s rebelling the world right now Why the world needs exactly you as you are and how to take action on it We promise this episode will knock your socks off and light your inner flame of rebellion to follow your wildest dreams.
20. Nov. 2019 - 52 min
episode Eps. 50 - Facing your triggers, mental health and self expression with Sara Gustafson artwork
Eps. 50 - Facing your triggers, mental health and self expression with Sara Gustafson
ara shares some deep and raw insights into her current process, how she deals with massive triggers and the tools she still uses every day to work with her mental health after going through her own experience with several mental health conditions for more than 10 years. . This conversation is going to be one in the line of many other around the mental health and owning our truth, cos it’s such a massive cause for us and more than anything we want this space to be a safe container for you to connect with that.
18. Nov. 2019 - 49 min
episode Ep. 51 with Noell Wakeroot artwork
Ep. 51 with Noell Wakeroot
Noell Wakeroot is the Ceo and founder of Noell Crystalsz, a shop and digital offering to fulfill your true soul journey. In this episode we dive into her entire process with manifesting her business. All the pivotal moments, the tests, signs and cliff jumps that came along the way. This episode is amazing for anyone looking for expansion within their career, spiritual trust and personal healing process. We chat about: Catching up on her latest US trip at the Chopra Center and becoming a mediation instructor What is Primodial Sound Meditation (PSM). Tapping into the space in between - stillness Change your perception of death Noel’s story and finding her own way Breaking up with the traditional spiritual community Her process with manifesting Noell Crystals How she showed up for the Universal tests and surrendered Tapping into magnetism Letting the universe lead the way Working from the heart And so much more! The Universe truly has got your back, so allow yourself to dream boldly and surrender the process daringly, cos so much goodness is on the way!
13. Nov. 2019 - 55 min

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