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This is a podcast where we talk all-about real life experiences of dealing with data and data science science tools, techniques, models and personalities. If you deal with data in your work, want to get better at machine learning, data science or CS- or just want to hear the “life” aspect- this is the podcast for you! Support this podcast: 

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24: Promoting Women in Tech - With Rupal Gupta
In this episode, we are talking about women in tech with Rupal Gupta. Rupal, a recent graduate from Online MS in CS from Georgia Tech, is a data engineer in the industry and is passionate to help promote women in tech. She also has some great tips and resources for anyone trying to break into data science and tech! In this episode we talk about things that can help promote women in tech, women in tech conferences such as Grace Hopper, looking for jobs, resources to prepare for the interviews etc. If you want to reach out to Rupal for any help or to collaborate with her project, here is her LinkedIn: FREE Women in Tech Conference by Manning Publications on Oct 13th at 12pm ET on Twitch: 🎉 There will be women in tech speakers from Dropbox, Microsoft, Warby Parker and more. 🌟 Programs and conferences covered in the episode: OMSCS program at Georgia Tech: Grace Hopper conference: Anita Borg Institute: 🌟 Interviewing resources: 1. Pramp: 2. 3. Educative "Grokking the System Design Interview": 4. AWS Certifications: Disclaimer: All opinions on this podcast are our own and not the views of our employers or organizations. ~Thanks for listening~ --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: []
15 min - 08. Okt. 2020
23: 10 Reasons Amazon SageMaker is great for ML Model Development
In this episode, we talk about what makes Amazon SageMaker great for ML model development including model building, training and deployment. We cover 3 advantages in each of these 3 areas. We cover points such as: 1. Host ML endpoints for deploying models to thousands or millions of users. 2. Saving costs for model training using SageMaker. 3. Use CloudWatch logs with SageMaker endpoints to debug ML models. 4. Use preconfigured environments or models provided by AWS. 5. Automatically save model artifacts in AWS S3 as you train in SageMaker. 6. Use of version control for SageMaker notebooks with Github. and more… Please rate, subscribe and share this episode with anyone who might find SageMaker useful in their work. I feel that SageMaker is a great tool and want to share about it with data scientists. For comments/feedback/questions or if you think I have missed something in the episode, please reach out to me at [//] or LinkedIn: [] Thanks for listening! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: []
19 min - 17. Juni 2020
22: Transfer Learning for NLP - With Paul Azunre
In this episode, we are talking with Paul Azunre. Paul is one of the world’s experts in the area of Transfer Learning for NLP and is also an author of the upcoming book Transfer Learning for NLP published by Manning Publications. In this episode we talk about things such as: 1) Paul’s background and how his background in maths and optimization as well as fake news detection got him started in transfer learning in NLP. 2) How Paul got started with the book, book writing process as well as tips to the listeners for writing a technical book. 3) High level summary of transfer learning in both computer vision and NLP and why this is the ImageNet moment of NLP. 4) Why ML and NLP practitioners today should be excited about transfer learning (such as how students in Ghana are able to build their own Google Translate using transfer learning) 5) How BERT, ELMo and ALBERT work at the high level and how they differ from traditional techniques like Word2Vec or FastText. 6) Differences between BERT, ELMo and ALBERT. 7) What makes Paul’s new book a must-read for anyone interested in this field. ✨Paul's Info👇 Paul’s Website: [] (with all social media handles) Please reach out to Paul if you have any questions about transfer learning in NLP or the book. ✨Chance for one of 2 free copies of Transfer Learning for NLP 🎉 Get a chance to win the free copy of Paul's book! Please share this episode on Twitter and add my Twitter handle "sanket107 []" to it, you will get a chance to win one of 2 free books. My Twitter: [] ✨Discount Code for all Manning Publications books! 🎊🤩 Special Link to get extra discount for Paul’s book: []As The Data Life Podcast listeners, you can also go to this link [] to get any Manning book with 40% discount with the code: poddlife20 This will help support this show as well and is much appreciated. Thank you Manning Publications and Paul as well as sponsors to make this show a reality. ~Thanks for listening~ --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: []
46 min - 13. Apr. 2020

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