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On this episode of It's Electric! Afeez welcomes Richard Shrubb to the show! Richard works alongside Afeez on another project called Richard kicks off by telling us a little bit about himself and his Green Peace activism, and then the guys get into some of the biggest topics that grind Richard's gears, and fascinate him most: - Solid State batteries, and 900 mile range electric vehicles: is it actually possible? - A battery that can be charged in 5 minutes and the likelihood of that possibility. - They discuss John Goodenough, the inventor of the Lithium Ion system. - Ultra Low Emission Zone: Just Go Electric. -The environment versus economics argument - Electric advancement in the boating industry -US Changes Fuel Efficiency Laws: Looking Backwards is a Good Way to Trip Up. - E-Car Sex Appeal - Dyson does EV? - The Hydrogen hypothesis Quotes “I've never really lost my anger, but now that I've got a kid I can't really get arrested” “Billionaires are going to be in batteries” “It's deciphering what is real and what is fake” “It is widely agreed that there are around 9,000 deaths linked to pollution in London every year.” “Don't smoke, but do breathe in fumes because it's good for the economy” “China's managed to slip in front while the US is looking backwards” “People want cheaper cars to run” []

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