226 UKRAINE: Before the War in Europe

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226 UKRAINE: Before the War in Europe

It’s a sad week for the world, Europe, and especially Ukraine – as Russia invaded the country in an unprovoked attack yesterday morning. So, I thought I would share a conversation I had during a walk with Ksenia from UkraineToGo [https://www.ukrainetogo.com/]. We walked through the beautiful city of Kyiv when I was there at the very beginning of my journey, in August 2016. This was at a time when Ukraine also was at war with Russia after they invaded Crimea. As you will hear, it was a love/hate relationship with their big brother from the east. On one hand, we talk about some very popular toilet paper with Putin’s face on them and on the other hand, a big monument called the Arch of Friendship – celebrating the friendship between the two nations. I wonder what the people of Ukraine think of that monument this week. I wonder what kind of history is being written this week and in the coming time. To be honest, I don’t see how this is going to end. That sanctions are going to make Putin think “this was a mistake; I pull my troops out”. Not likely. That the world and the Ukrainians just accept that Russia takes over this beautiful big European country with proud people that love their freedom and democracy. No, I don’t see that happening either. What I fear the most, is that it will end very bloody and escalate to even more countries. I feel so bad for the Ukrainian people who just want to live in peace. But also, for the regular Russian people who didn’t make this decision and will be suffering from what happens with the economic sanctions imposed by the world. All in all, this is a horrible situation.

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