The Radio Vagabond - 178 JOURNEY: Slovenia, The Only Country with LOVE in Its Name
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29M • 18/11 2020

178 JOURNEY: Slovenia, The Only Country with LOVE in Its Name

Join me in the last of my Balkan countries, Slovenia where I visit the capital Ljubljana. As I normally do I start with a Free Walking Tour []. 10 FUN FACTS ABOUT SLOVENIA 1. Slovenia is the only country in the world with LOVE in their name. And the capital, Ljubljana, translates to ‘The Loved One’. 2. Slovenians love bees. There are around 90,000 beekeepers in a population of just two million – that’s one in 20 people. 3. It is tiny. Slovenia covers less than 0.004% of the Earth’s surface and has a population of just a little over 2 million. The capital Ljubljana [] and the largest city is also small: Less than 300,000 people live here. 4. It’s one of the world’s most environmentally friendly nations, according to The Environmental Performance Index. This index is reflecting whether they are meeting internationally established environmental targets. Only four nations are better: Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark. 5. A remarkable 53.6 per cent of Slovenia is protected land [] , a higher percentage than any nation on earth except Venezuela. With more than half of its total area covered in forest, Slovenia really is one of the greenest countries in the world – and Ljubljana, was awarded Europe’s Greenest Capital in 2016. And more than 500 brown bears roam the Slovenian forests. 6. They are tall, old and like wine. Slovenia is one of the 10 tallest countries on the planet – a typical male measures 1.8 m (5.9 feet) and one of the 10 most elderly with its residents being 43.5 years old, on average. 7. There’s a one winery or vineyard for every 70-75 people and in Maribor they have the world’s oldest vine – it’s at 400 years old. Slovenians love wine themselves. They are the sixth biggest consumers of wine, per capita. 8. Slovenia has a tiny coastline – just 46 km (30 miles). 9. You can spend a night jail in Ljubljana – without doing crime. Hostel Celica is an actual prison where the cells have been renovated into rooms, but it still has the same appearance as a prison cell. 10. Slovenia has world’s largest ski jump. Planica is an epic place for ski-lovers, especially if you like heights. The Ski Jump here is legendary and many world records have been set here. MEET WINE MAN SASO PAPP Now it’s time to meet my good Slovenian friend, Saso Papp. He’s has an online company called [applewebdata://50A6AC01-7E5E-480B-A4CB-5A4D0F9DA40F/] that sells wine. Not only to the Slovenians but to the rest of Europe. And it’s kinda funny that the rest of the Balkans drink Rakia but (as I mentioned above) Slovenians love wine. In our conversation Saso mentions that he wants to give you guys a discount. Just go to [applewebdata://50A6AC01-7E5E-480B-A4CB-5A4D0F9DA40F/] and use the promo code "RADIOVAGABOND15" to get 15% off and free shipping all over Europe if you buy 6 bottles or more from the same wine maker. This code is valid for one year – until November 18th, 2021, and only once per user… so make sure you get enough. IN THE MEDIA The next day I have two interviews lined up. One on the radio and later in the day I met up with the journalist Janez Usenik from the national TV station 24UR [] . We do the interview on the street and you can see it here: [] It was funny to see myself on national TV that same night, and when I stepped on the plane the next morning, the guy in the seat next looked at me a few times and then said: “Aren’t you the homeless guy I saw on TV last night?” How weird is that to be recognized by a random stranger. METELKOVA ART CENTRE If you’re into street art you should definitely visit Metelkova Art Centre – also known as Metelkova mesto, is an alternative culture centre in Ljubljana. It’s developed from a squat in a former army barracks and is one of the best-known attractions of Ljubljana. It’s home to a large number of clubs hosting concerts, club nights, and one-off club events featuring underground artists and DJs from around the world. The centre also hosts art performances, exhibitions, and a festival from time to time. The history of Metelkova mesto as a cultural centre goes back to 1993, when the northern part of the barracks complex was squatted by a group of about 200 volunteers. The initiative came from an independent association of mainly underground artists and intellectuals known as Metelkova Network to stop the abandoned army complex from being pulled down. Being a thriving place for a free creative spirit, the complex is undergoing constant change. I’m here on a quiet afternoon but still it was a very interesting place to visit. I’ve taken a lot of pictures of the street art that you can find on – but not the people. There was a sign saying “No photos of people. This is not a zoo.” So, remember to respect that when you go. Slovenia was another great experience. My name is Palle Bo, and I gotta keep moving.

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