The Radio Vagabond - 120 - Heading from The Gambia to Senegal
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23M • 9/3 2019

120 - Heading from The Gambia to Senegal

I've been to Senegal before, but that was in Dakar in the northern part of the country. After a week in The Gambia in the middle of Senegal I'm heading further south to the beach town, Cap Skirring in the southern part of the country. Before I leave Banjul, I talk to the Polish hostel-owner, Marek about how he ended up right here after years as a full-time traveler.  On the trip down to Cap Skirring I travel with another Danish guy, Alex, who just happened to go the same way.  I enjoy Cap Skirring so much that I decide to extend my stay with another week. So I go looking for another place with better wifi.    LINKS:    Sponsor  See pictures on   You can follow The Radio Vagabond on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram og YouTube.      

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