Data Stand-Up with Bedrock! [Eng]
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Data Stand-Up with Bedrock! [Eng]

Podcast von Bedrock - Humanised Intelligence

Data Stand-Up! is a podcast edited and produced by Bedrock. In the podcast, we chat with great people from the world who are thought leaders in the field of data and artificial intelligence. We share our experiences and knowledge with the purpose of building awareness and understanding of these game-changing technologies. 

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episode Brian T. O´ Neill · Founder · Designing for Analytics // Jesus Templado · Bedrock @ LAPIPA_Studios artwork
Brian T. O´ Neill · Founder · Designing for Analytics // Jesus Templado · Bedrock @ LAPIPA_Studios
Today Jesus chats with Brian, an inspiring professional who really understands the importance of Design when it comes to ideating, creating, and implementing data-fueled solutions and applications. Brian T. O’Neill is the founder of Designing for Analytics and a true believer in the importance of designing human-tailored data solutions. For over 20 years, he has been successful in creating innovative Advanced Analytical and AI business solutions for global leaders such as DellEMC or Tripadvisor, JP Morgan Chase amongst many others. Brian and Jesús explore how extraordinary value can be created when the outputs of data science and analytics are turned into engaging, valuable decision support applications and user experiences centered around the stakeholders, as humans, in the loop. The importance of generating adoption when building a data application or business solution is also discussed throughout the call. Brian also hosts his own podcast: Experiencing Data, where he reveals the strategies and activities that Product, Data Science, and Analytics leaders are using to deliver human-centered data products. Brian also authored the DFA Self-Assessment Guide, teaches a seminar called Designing Human-Centered Data Science Solutions, and publishes a weekly Insights mailing list. In 2020, Brian began advising students in MIT’s Sandbox Innovation Fund and was published in O’Reilly Media’s 97 Things About Ethics in Data Science Everyone Should Know. Brian is a classical and jazz musician by training, a professional drummer and percussionist in Boston. Listen to this episode to discover if Brian´s creative musical background has something to do with his "Design mindset" for Advanced Analytics and AI solutions.
05. Juni 2021 - 49 min
episode Kirk Borne Ph.D + Jesus Templado // Bedrock @ LAPIPA_Studios artwork
Kirk Borne Ph.D + Jesus Templado // Bedrock @ LAPIPA_Studios
Bedrock´s Jesus chats to Kirk Borne, Data and Artificial Intelligence pioneer, voted most influential personality in the industry, across the globe. Kirk has ranked Nº1 Digital, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence influencer globally. He holds a degree in Physics and Ph.D. in Astronomy, and from 1985 through 1995 worked at NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope (HST). He has provided advice to NASA management in the design and development of HST systems and has extensively contributed to the international community promoting astrostatistics and astroinformatics as robust research disciplines. In 2020, Kirk was elected Fellow of the American Astronomical Society for lifetime contributions to astronomy and the public's understanding of the Universe. In this episode, Kirk explains how to find business solutions through data and shares his views with Jesus on the most efficient ways to accelerate value creation and innovation with data technologies. Listen to this episode to learn about his experience across dozens of advanced analytics use cases and business areas including customer engagement and behavioural analytics, risk mitigation, fraud detection, anomaly detection, and many more using machine learning, data management, graph analytics, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and geospatial-temporal modelling.
29. Mai 2021 - 1 h 13 min
episode Claire Thompson : Legal & General · Head of Data // Jesus Templado · Bedrock @ LAPIPA_Studios artwork
Claire Thompson : Legal & General · Head of Data // Jesus Templado · Bedrock @ LAPIPA_Studios
Claire is an authority. A pioneer who has contributed far beyond her "job"to the evolution of data & analytics, business intelligence and data science. She has been recognised by DataIQ as one of the 100 most influential people in data and analytics within the UK in 2019. Last year was selected for "Twenty in Data & Technology" as an inspiring role model to others within the industry. Claire holds an astonishing cross-industry track record of creating and implementing successful initiatives. Various use cases around data innovation, Machine Learning and predictive analytics are presented throughout the call. She has also led and built a diverse, high performing 3 digit data teams in very strict, regulated environments such as the fast-paced financial services industry. Claire communicates complex technical information for a non-technical audience as very few other people can. In this podcast, she talks with Jesus (Bedrock Managing Director) about how to create a “data mindset” and how to influence and advise C-level Executives and investors on starting building value rapidly using AI.
21. Mai 2021 - 47 min
episode Aash Viswanathan · Data Scientist at LinkedIn // Jesus Templado · Bedrock @ LAPIPA_Studios artwork
Aash Viswanathan · Data Scientist at LinkedIn // Jesus Templado · Bedrock @ LAPIPA_Studios
This episode we have with us Aash Viswanathan · Data Scientist · LinkedIn - Atlassian - Product Data Scientist working on SaaS/enterprise funnel optimisation problems in the areas of user activation, content curation/distribution, and third-party integrations. Jesús and Aash talk about their professional career and their vision of the world of data. The ways AI can be used to augment decision-making keep expanding. New applications will create fundamental and sometimes difficult changes in workflows, roles, and culture, which leaders will need to shepherd their organisations through carefully. Aash explains in detail a complex workflow in which he works every day and helps us understand his effort and commitment to achieve a goal on a personal level from an organisation that has developed a platform of great value to society that uses the data deeply.
16. Apr. 2021 - 44 min
episode Artur Ortega · Head of Platform Architecture · Babylon Health // Jesus Templado · Bedrock @ LAPIPA_Studios artwork
Artur Ortega · Head of Platform Architecture · Babylon Health // Jesus Templado · Bedrock @ LAPIPA_Studios
Artur Ortega is one of those professionals who inspires motivation and truly leads by example. He is currently the Head of Babylon Health´s platform architecture. For those who don't know: Babylon Health is a health service provider that provides remote consultations with doctors and health care professionals via text and video messaging through its mobile application. Their subscription based business model for private healthcare services launched in the UK in 2013 and they have now expanded internationally to countries such as Canada, Saudi Arabia and the US. Their mission and value proposition is to put an affordable and accessible health service in the hands of every person on earth. In this 4th episode of the 1st season we discuss with Artur the evolution of data analytics, from the traditional early data warehouses project where he took part in, to the machine learning models and advanced analytics projects that he worked on later on. Many powerful use cases from his past in Yahoo, in The Telegraph and in The Economist are discussed. Moreover, he briefly mentions how Babylon strives to embed AI as the main enabling technology in their digital health platform. Artur truly is a remarkable individual and we could not be more happy to bring you this new episode with him in it. Honestly, we feel that 1 hour was not nearly enough, that we needed more time with him and that we will have to get him on board again for a 2nd recording.
19. März 2021 - 1 h 8 min

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