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Where's Home Really?
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Where's Home Really?

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Journalist, restaurant critic, and Masterchef judge Jimi Famurewa talks to some of the world’s most loved public figures from different backgrounds, who each have their own unique experiences and emotional responses to the question of Where’s Home Really? Jimi asks each guest to reveal a person, a phrase, a place and a plate that best represent what home means to them – with fun, fascinating, and moving results to help us better understand ourselves, our neighbours, and the modern world. Don't want to miss an episode? Follow the show now! From Podimo and Listen Presented by Jimi Famurewa Produced by Tayo Popoola and Aidan Judd Executive Producers for Podimo: Jake Chudnow and Matt White Executive Producer for Listen: Kellie Redmond 

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episode Where's Home Really... for Charlene White? artwork
Where's Home Really... for Charlene White?
“I could do an all-black episode of ‘Loose Women’ and all four of us would get a torrent of vitriol and hate – mostly from people who don’t watch the show anyway!” Jimi wraps up this current podcast series with ITV news anchor and ‘Loose Women’ host Charlene White, who provides a fun and thoughtful insight into her Jamaican heritage and family-focused upbringing in Lewisham, via the ‘I’m a Celeb…’ jungle and her headline-making moments with a certain ex-Home Secretary campmate. Charlene reveals teen tales of trying to avoid the human CCTV version of the all-seeing “Auntie-Net”, the West Indian word that is banned from her house, and why she’s had to develop a thick skin while forging her own successful path on TV.
04. Mai 2023 - 33 min
episode Where's Home Really... for Rickie Haywood-Williams? artwork
Where's Home Really... for Rickie Haywood-Williams?
"The overriding factor that drew me to support Liverpool FC was John Barnes… he had Jamaican heritage, my dad’s Jamaican, he was a phenomenal player, and he looked like me!" Jimi is joined by presenter and BBC Radio 1 DJ Rickie Haywood-Williams for an entertaining journey from his proud South London roots through to his BBC One primetime turn on 'Strictly Come Dancing', via his Jamaican ancestry. Rickie shares why he has an eternal love for Croydon, his mum’s Caribbean take on the Sunday roast dinner, and using a radio studio as his classroom. Plus, discover which reality TV series making a big comeback he’d love to do…
27. Apr. 2023 - 30 min
episode Where's Home Really... for Melissa Hemsley? artwork
Where's Home Really... for Melissa Hemsley?
"Take That wanted us to cook for them on tour so I said to my sister: ‘I like to be in bed early!’ Plus, I don’t know if it’s our Filipino blood but we aren’t big drinkers.” Best-selling cookery writer, chef, TV presenter and self-labelled "real food activist”, Melissa Hemsley joins Jimi for her joyful take on her mixed British and Filipino heritage and the elements that make up ‘home’ for her. Melissa shares why her ideal restaurant always involves dogs, the rollercoaster reaction to her first appearance on ‘Gogglebox’, and the importance of the figure of "Big Vange" in her life. Plus, she reveals the initial backlash she experienced from the food industry as she wasn’t a professionally trained cook and discover if she did agree to cook for Gary Barlow and co on the road...
20. Apr. 2023 - 35 min
episode Where's Home Really... for Nihal Arthanayake? artwork
Where's Home Really... for Nihal Arthanayake?
“My first ever racist exchange was such an underwhelming experience for everyone involved!’ Jimi talks to BBC 5Live broadcaster, and former DJ and rapper Nihal Arthanayake, who takes us on a journey from Sri Lanka, to Harlow in Essex - via White Hart Lane and his beloved Tottenham Hotspur F.C. Find out how Public Enemy gave Nihal a sense of belonging and why, despite being an avid football fan, he avoided attending games for 20 years. Plus, he reveals which of his family’s Sri Lankan dishes should come with a serious health warning…
13. Apr. 2023 - 33 min
episode Where's Home Really... for Andrew Wong? artwork
Where's Home Really... for Andrew Wong?
“My dad went through a phase trying to speak like British aristocracy, and looked like he had marbles in his mouth!” Jimi catches up with the acclaimed British-born chef behind the only Chinese restaurant outside Asia with two Michelin stars, Andrew Wong. Discover the memorable role a restaurant photocopier played in his childhood, witnessing his dad’s unique experience as a Chinese pub landlord in London’s East End, and what impact the recent pandemic’s “Chinese virus” had on him and his family.
06. Apr. 2023 - 33 min

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