The Infectious Myth - The Infectious Myth - Detransitioning
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59M • 17/8 2019

The Infectious Myth - Detransitioning

This week’s guest, a Canadian woman going by the name of “Ben”, lived as a transman for a while, before deciding that this was a mistake, and that she was actually a lesbian. Classifying herself as a “butch", and using a masculine name, she still sees herself as a woman. She is establishing an organization for the many people who are detransitioning, out of the sight of most of the media and so-called support organizations, who do not like this phenomenon, in an era of gender affirmation. As her views have changed, she has become aware of the dangers to females of self-identification, and the physical and psychological risks of transitioning, whether socially, chemically or through surgery. She is currently establishing an organization to help the increasing number of detransitioners, including many who are suffering the after effects of hormones or surgery that they now regret.   You can find her as “gnc centric" on twitter, YouTube and Medium.

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