It's Electric! The Electric Car Show with Afeez Kay - An Electric Passion Project, Stan Durk Interview pt 2
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35M • 21/1 2019

An Electric Passion Project, Stan Durk Interview pt 2

Welcome to the It’s Electric podcast hosted by the electrifying Afeez Kay. Electric vehicles are not a thing of the future. They are right now and only being built better as the years go forward. You can expect honest feedback from Afeez and his guests regarding different makes and models of a variety of different electric vehicles. You’re not just getting a one-ride recommendation either! You will feel the passion that Afeez has for this topic as soon as he begins speaking. You’ll be thinking of getting rid of or rebuilding your conventional vehicle after one episode! In this episode, you will hear the continuation of Stan Durk’s interview of Afeez. (Listen to part one here) Afeez tells Stan currently his podcast is just for fun and for the passion of electric vehicles and he has just started building his YouTube channel. But currently, he is not getting paid for any of this. He gives purely to provide accurate information about the vehicles. Countries that are doing well in EV (electric vehicle) adoption according to Afeez: Norway Denmark Finland Iceland Sweden Greenland Scotland China Countries that are performing poorly: United States The political landscape appears to be more important than the actual landscape/clean energy Afeez branches out talking about some countries false assumption that electric vehicle means electric cars. There are many types of electric vehicles: Electric moped Electric scooters Electric motorcycles Electric unicycles Public transportation (converted) Stan asks Afeez other than Tesla, what companies are up and coming? KIA Hyundai LG Afeez and Stan weigh in on where Tesla is headed with a tiny discussion about Elon Musk Tesla made a mistake releasing model X Diverted attention Spent too much time Tesla is a pioneer Should focus on clean energy generation internationally Discussion of Tesla v SpaceX Manufacturer Concerns Can only buy parts from Tesla Can only be serviced by Tesla Sustaining their mission statement means eventually they will have to make these items available to other retailers for the public. Similar to Apple Money notwithstanding, what cars would Afeez convert to electric? BMW 33i 346 Toyota Supra “There are a lot of people that are more knowledgeable than me. I want to get that knowledge and use It’s Electric as a vehicle to share.” “Views on YouTube will always be more than what you get for the podcast.” “Telsa is the first American car company in over a hundred years to succeed.” “Tesla is the reason I got into this. I can’t truly criticize Tesla.” “I am bored by Tesla cars,[Tesla motors] but fascinated by Tesla energy.” “Have to stop treating people like they’re dummies.” “Car conversion is the best way.” “This is a huge market.”   Want more Afeez? Instagram Youtube Twitter   Interested in testing out an electric vehicle? Rent a Tesla

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