193 QUEBEC CANADA: Therapeutic Horses in the Garden of Eden

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193 QUEBEC CANADA: Therapeutic Horses in the Garden of Eden

BONJOUR A QUEBEC CANADA I’m heading north in Vermont after my road trip to all six states in New England. As I was getting close to the border of Canada, I pulled over and stopped at a rest stop at the side of the road to check some things and send a few messages before my American SIM card would lose connection. I travel with two phones. One with my Danish number and one with a local number, so I’m able to get online. As I was sitting there deeply focused with my eyes on my phones, I got a shock when there was a knock on the window. I turned my head and there was a police officer with his hand resting on his gun in the belt. The tightly built Hispanic looking officer asked for my driver’s license and my passport – and with these, he walked back to his police car behind me. Unlike the time I was pulled over for speeding in North Carolina, this was a pleasant meeting with the US police force. And he even directed me to where I could get some wine cheaper than on the Canadian side of the border. So, I did exactly that before heading across the border. WELCOME TO GARDEN OF EDEN I’ve been invited to visit a unique place in the Bromont Mountains – where I meet Patricia. She’s been a clinical nurse for 25 years and a college teacher for almost 10 years, she has a bachelor’s degree in health science and received training in therapeutic riding. So, I think it’s safe to say that care is her passion. But she’s also had a passion for horses from a young age and in the middle of her career, she decided to combine her two passions… bought a ranch close to Bromont and named it Jardins d’Eden [https://www.jardins-deden.com/] – the Gardens of Eden. The place is located on a century-old estate with access to a huge area and a magnificent landscape with a view of the Bromont mountain, lake, and river. A short walk into the forest she’s got a very old small building that she calls “The Sugar Shack”. It’s without electricity and running water. And no Wi-Fi either or even a signal on your cellphone. So, if you decide to stay here, you are totally off the grid. HORSES AS THERAPISTS Horses are wonderful therapists, Patricia tells me. She offers therapeutic horse-riding sessions adapted to your needs according to a personalized care plan. The Ranch is a peaceful place where calm and healing are priorities. They also offer unforgettable hikes, and apart from the refuge in the forest (the primitive Sugar Shack), she also has a luxurious loft apartment above the stable. And there’s a lot to do in a place like this… Two Airbnbs, therapeutic riding sessions, massage, hikes, plus 10 horses, 5 ponies, one goat, and two dogs that needs to be fed and cared for – it’s a lot of work. But Patricia tells me that this doesn’t feel like work. If you’re in the area, and you want a pause in your life and spend a few days in Patricia’s sugar shack or in her loft above the stables, surrounded by 10 horses, 5 ponies, one goat, and two dogs … you can find the link to her Airbnbs on her website [https://www.jardins-deden.com/]. Due to Covid, it’s not possible to visit right now, but probably again very soon. A special thanks to Patricia Senécal who took the time to show me around her Garden of Eden [https://www.jardins-deden.com/] and educate me about the wonderful life with horses. I’m heading back to the USA, after a few days in Bromont, Montreal and Toronto, to visit some friends here. But I’m not going to record anything from this since I already did quite a bit from this area when I was here the last time. So, if you’re interested go back and find those episodes. When you hear from me again, I’m at the beautiful Finger Lakes in upstate New York. My name is Palle Bo, and I gotta keep moving. See you.

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