The Radio Vagabond - 190 MAINE: Blueberries and Pickled Sea Snails
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25M • 21/4 2021

190 MAINE: Blueberries and Pickled Sea Snails

On my way from Cambridge close to Boston to Maine, I spent two nights in New Hampshire – and finally got the medication to keep my blood pressure low. So, it was a “new me” with low blood pressure that was heading north towards a state with a lot of forest. In fact, 89.5% of Maine is covered in forest. That puts them as number one on the list in the US, and actually, number two on that list is where I am right now… New Hampshire with 84%. Both of the two states have a population of around 1.3 million – but Maine is around four times as big as New Hampshire. I was taking a drive from Durham, New Hampshire to Ben’s Blueberry farm – Burke Hill Farm in Cherryfield, Maine. It’s a drive of 240 miles – 386 kilometers so I made a stop on the way, at the iconic Portland Light Head []…

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