Die Wundersame Fahrradwelt - Lian Van Leeuwen - How does the Migration Gravel Race help to shift Cycling Culture?
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1T 57M • 9/6 2021

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Lian Van Leeuwen - How does the Migration Gravel Race help to shift Cycling Culture?

The amazing Lian Van Leeuwen is my guest today. Lian is the founder of Shift Cycling Culture, an adventurous cyclist and cycling photographer, based in Rotterdam. Lian photographed and blogged at almost all the relevant fixed gear and self support bikepacking races like The Red Hook Crit, The Transcontinental Race, The Atlas Mountain Race and The Silk Road Mountain Race. In June she will be covering the inaugural Migration Gravel Race. Most of these races and events have been featured in this podcast, so I‘m very happy that we can ad yet another perspective through Lian‘s lense. Literally. We also talk about an important question: How can the cycling culture be shifted? Lian tells us about the Team AMANI initiative, that is aimed at trying to move the dial on inclusivity in the sport by creating race opportunities for East African riders. And of course Lian explains why she founded „Shift Cycling Culture“ and shares her new project: Cracked Earth Film with us. You can support it here [https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crackedearthfilm/cracked-earth-film?lang=de]! SUPPORTER: Komoot Check out the Dead Ends & Cake Challenge here [https://www.deadendsandcake.ch/en/dead-ends-challenge/]! With the code: FAHRRADWELT new users get a region bundle package worth 8,99€. Redeem it here [http://komoot/g]! Athletic Greens Sponsor of this podcast is Athletic Greens. As a listener of my podcast, you receive 10 free travel packs with your Athletic Greens 10 Travel Packs for free. You can find the offer here [http://athleticgreens.com/fahrradwelt]! MY GUEST: Insta [https://www.instagram.com/saltlake_lian/] & Website [https://www.saltlakephoto.nl/] STUFF WE TALKED ABOUT: The Migration Gravel Race [https://www.migrationgravelrace.com/] The Transcontinental Race [https://www.transcontinental.cc/] Atlas Mountain Race [https://atlasmountainrace.cc] Red Hook Crit [https://redhookcrit.com/] Shift Cycling Culture [https://www.shiftcyclingculture.com/] Cate Karis [https://www.instagram.com/cate_karis/] „In Transit“ Blog [https://www.saltlakephoto.nl/single-post/in-transit] Book: „How are we going to explain this? [https://www.jelmermommers.nl/book]“ WHERE YOU FIND ME: Instagram [https://www.instagram.com/johanna_jahnke/] & Komoot [https://www.komoot.de/user/diewundersamefahrradwelt] & LinkedIn [https://www.linkedin.com/in/johanna-jahnke-a36074194] &Website [https://die-wundersame-fahrradwelt.de/] CREDITS: Cover: Jelle Mul [https://www.instagram.com/jellemul/]Music: Greg Le Bird

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