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22. Living With Alopecia: Discovering My Root Cause & Developing Deeper Self Acceptance + My Advice, Tips & Tricks!
This episode has been SUCH a long time coming.. almost 3 years in fact! Auto-Immune Diseases are super prevalent in todays society and deeply misunderstood. Here I share my 3 year journey of trying to work out the ROOT CAUSE of my Alopecia Areata, although I am not 100% finished with this exploration I have come SO FAR and hope this Episode provides answers for those struggling.
59 min - 04. Jan. 2021
Discovering My Identity Without A Womb w/ Tasha Bishops
Tash was born with Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome. Affecting 1 in 5,000 women, MRKH means she was born without a womb.  In this episode she shares her incredible story with us, and reminds us that everyone deserves to feel beautiful, powerful, and respected every single day – with absolutely no qualifiers. Infertility, gender, sexual orientation, background, money, job, mental health or any other kind of issues are things that effect each of us differently, daily. Find Tasha @wearethepantsproject
1 h 5 min - 15. Okt. 2020
The Domino Effects Of Bravery: Upgrading Your Frequency
I come to you today with a solo episode sharing my experiences of upgrading my own frequency to the point wherein my life aligns fully with my heart. This is a journey for everybody, and never ends but I hope this episode gives you the tools you need to let in those upgrades!
24 min - 07. Okt. 2020

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