It's Electric! The Electric Car Show with Afeez Kay - Jonny Hates Fossil Fuels with Jonny Cooper
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45M • 6/0 2018

Jonny Hates Fossil Fuels with Jonny Cooper

On this episode of It's Electric! Our supercharged host Afeez Kay welcomes Jonny Cooper of Jonny Hates Marketing onto the show to discuss all things fossil fuels and electric vehicles. Jonny is an EV-angelist, which is someone who pushes and promotes electric cars and clean tech in order to create a healthier, more sustainable world, and has strong opinions about the current state of things in the automotive industry. A little known fact about Jonny: He's also a race car driver! Afeez kicks things off by asking Jonny to describe a bit of his history involving cars and why he has become an electric car enthusiast. Jonny is more than happy to oblige him! He explains that he's spent a lifetime's worth of money on cars, both personally and in his racing career, and has had the benefit of driving some of the world's nicest and most expensive cars as his daily drivers. Afeez expresses his surprise that Jonny would be an electric car enthusiast. Jonny shares a story about when cars were first introduced as a means of transportation to replace horses, and the problems that it solved in terms of cleanliness and health. He draws parallels between that point in history, and today when electric cars are becoming more popular at a time when they are desperately needed in order to clean the planet up yet again. Afeez asks Jonny about cars, and their impact on environmental damage. Jonny compares it to the debate between those who believe in creation, and those who believe in evolution, before going on o give a much more in depth explanation of the proof of damage being done. He talks about a study that was done that links living beside heavy traffic density and occurrences of dementia. They go on to talk about range anxiety, and the normal argument people have when it comes to switching to an electric car from an internal combustion engine. They also talk about the statistics for electric cars, and that people often misquote what electric vehicles are capable of. Afeez also explains his logic behind telling people to lease EV's rather than purchase them. Jonny tells a story of a street race he was once challenged to while driving an electric car, and the satisfying results of the event. Afeez asks Jonny his opinion on what would happen to the Grid if 50% of the UK converted over to electric cars. They discuss what wold have to happen in order to make that viable, as well as micro grids and the role they play. They also talk about the future of driving and electric cars, as well as laugh about the notion of flying cars! Quotes “Once a racer you're always a racer at heart” “That whole petrol thing is coming to an end, and that's the good news, isn't it?” “Electric cars have arrived at the point in time when the planet was just about to destroy itself” “There's been an acceptance for decades that cars produce emissions” “the thing with pollution is that it's not immediately obvious” “I would not like to be in the sky surrounded by the average driver” Links

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