It's Electric! The Electric Car Show with Afeez Kay - IE075 Getting Got by Gotway with Michael Quintana
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42M • 30/4 2019

IE075 Getting Got by Gotway with Michael Quintana

Welcome to It’s Electric! with Afeez Kay. This week, we’re welcoming the extremely creative Michael Quintana onto the show to talk about electric unicycles. They weren’t always the beautiful works of art they are today. Once upon a time they were clunky and felt more like a gimmick than a viable means of transportation. But in modern times, these personal electric vehicles are serious business. They save people money, help with the congestion issues in major city centres, and even put the riders in a better mood for the rest of the day (and who doesn’t want to be in a better mood?). As they grow in popularity, the policy creators and lawmakers are finding themselves uneducated and behind the times, and as a result, they’re holding back progress that could be made in making our world a cleaner and better place. Today Afeez and Michael geek out about their favourite models, the benefits of riding, and what needs to change to make the experience a better one.   How Michael found Electric Vehicles, more importantly the Electric unicycle. The most important feature of the Z10. Why training on the grass is a (somewhat) good idea. Why don’t Electric unicycles make sense to lawmakers and policy creators? The huge benefits of using a rideable EV, and the comparisons between life with them and life with cars. Why banning personal electric vehicles is the wrong move completely.   “It’s not that you don’t want the exercise, but you don’t want to get to work hot and sweaty” “This can actually expand the gap and actually be the whole mile” “It’s, hand down, the best looking wheel on the planet right now” “Weather changes the game. Even road surface changes the game.” “People automatically assume it’s dangerous” “You’re not going to ban feet because someone walked into traffic, are you?”   More Rideables   Want more Afeez? Instagram YouTube Twitter   Interested in testing out an electric vehicle?

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