It's Electric! The Electric Car Show with Afeez Kay - The Electric Speed Show with Stan Durk
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41M • 7/2 2019

The Electric Speed Show with Stan Durk

Welcome to the It’s Electric podcast hosted by the brilliant and passionate Afeez Kay. It’s Electric marries the fun of all different types of electric vehicles with the need for and purpose of clean energy. Through interviews with wonderful guests, Afeez discusses best and worst brands, riding experiences, the hows and the whys of the electric vehicle universe. Afeez is animated and honest. He also brings facts alongside fun. After one listens you’ll be searching for your nearest electric car rental company. Lean, but don’t out-lean, into the It’s Electric podcast.   In this episode, Afeez brings Stan Durk back to the show. In the last episode featuring Stan, he was interviewing Afeez. This episode flips things, putting Stan in the hot seat. Stan gives us a brief introduction and discusses his blog called The Electric Speed Shop (linked below). He explains his goal is to open a conversion business. He explains there are a lot of these shops on the west coast and in the UK. He is on the east coast currently and the electric vehicle industry is taking off. Stan salvages old cars (fuel) and transitioning them into the electric motors.   Stans shares that he has an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering and a masters degree in engineering management. Stan says he was very interested in conversions and began researching, but there was no central location that housed several articles or videos on how-tos for conversion. This is what prompted him to create The Electric Speed Show blog. This blog is a knowledge source for the masses.  Afeez and Stan talk shop about electrification of a myriad of different types of vehicles.   Do-it-Yourself pricing: Buying parts and trusting yourself to build Salvaged $25-30K Tested Charged Completely refurbished Paying for someone else’s work to convert Standard $45-50K Custom $50-100K “Electric is so much easier to understand than a gas motor.” “[Electric cars] have less moving parts.” “With conversion, you can keep older cars alive” “If it moves and uses an engine, there’s no reason you can’t make it electric.” “There’s more potential.”   Want more Afeez? Instagram Youtube Twitter   Interesting in testing out an electric vehicle? Rent a Tesla   More Stan? The Electric Speed Shop on iTunes The Electric Speed Shop on Google Play The Electric Speed Shop on Facebook      Conversion Mentions: Youtube: Rich Rebuilds EV West Electric Classic Cars YouTube: Fully Charged

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