Your Undivided Attention

Your Undivided Attention

Podcast von Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin, The Center for Humane Technology

In this podcast from the Center for Humane Technology, co-hosts Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin explore the incredible power that technology has over our lives — and how we can use it to catalyze a humane future. Join us every other Thursday as we confront challenges and explore solutions with a wide-range of thought leaders and change-makers — like Kate Raworth on renegade economics, Audrey Tang on digital democracy, Daniel Schmachtenberger on global coordination, and Yuval Noah Harari on the co-evolution of technology and democracy. Your Undivided Attention is proud to be part of the TED Audio Collective. Our Senior Producer is Julia Scott, and our Associate Producer is Kirsten McMurray. 

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Inside the First AI Insight Forum in Washington
Last week, Senator Chuck Schumer brought together Congress and many of the biggest names in AI for the first closed-door AI Insight Forum in Washington, D.C. Tristan and Aza were invited speakers at the event, along with Elon Musk, Satya Nadella, Sam Altman, and other leaders. In this update on Your Undivided Attention [], Tristan and Aza recount how they felt the meeting went, what they communicated in their statements, and what it felt like to critique Meta’s LLM in front of Mark Zuckerberg. Correction: In this episode, Tristan says GPT-3 couldn’t find vulnerabilities in code. GPT-3 could find security vulnerabilities, but GPT-4 is exponentially better at it. RECOMMENDED MEDIA In Show of Force, Silicon Valley Titans Pledge ‘Getting This Right’ With A.I. [] Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai and others discussed artificial intelligence with lawmakers, as tech companies strive to influence potential regulations Majority Leader Schumer Opening Remarks For The Senate’s Inaugural AI Insight Forum [] Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) opened the Senate’s inaugural AI Insight Forum The Wisdom Gap [] As seen in Tristan’s talk []on this subject in 2022, the scope and speed of our world’s issues are accelerating and growing more complex. And yet, our ability to comprehend those challenges and respond accordingly is not matching pace RECOMMENDED YUA EPISODES Spotlight On AI: What Would It Take For This to Go Well? [] The AI ‘Race’: China vs. the US with Jeffrey Ding and Karen Hao [] Spotlight: Elon, Twitter and the Gladiator Arena [] Your Undivided Attention is produced by the Center for Humane Technology []. Follow us on Twitter: @HumaneTech_ []
26 min - 19. Sept. 2023
Spotlight on AI: What Would It Take For This to Go Well?
Where do the top Silicon Valley AI researchers really think  AI is headed? Do they have a plan if things go wrong?  In this episode, Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin reflect on the last several months of highlighting AI risk, and share their insider takes on a high-level workshop run by CHT in Silicon Valley. NOTE: Tristan refers to journalist Maria Ressa and mentions that she received 80 hate messages per hour at one point. She actually received more than 90 messages an hour. CORRECTION: Jeffrey Ding says the export controls on advanced chips that were established in October 2022 only apply to military end-users. The controls also impose a license requirement on the export of those advanced chips to any China-based end-user. RECOMMENDED MEDIA Musk, Zuckerberg, Gates: The titans of tech will talk AI at private Capitol summit [] This week will feature a series of public hearings on artificial intelligence. But all eyes will be on the closed-door gathering convened by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Takeaways from the roundtable with President Biden on artificial intelligence [] Tristan Harris talks about his recent meeting with President Biden to discuss regulating artificial intelligence Biden, Harris meet with CEOs about AI risks [] Vice President Kamala Harris met with the heads of Google, Microsoft, Anthropic, and OpenAI as the Biden administration rolled out initiatives meant to ensure that AI improves lives without putting people’s rights and safety at risk RECOMMENDED YUA EPISODES The AI Dilemma [] The AI ‘Race’: China vs the US with Jeffrey Ding and Karen Hao [] The Dictator’s Playbook with Maria Ressa [] Your Undivided Attention is produced by the Center for Humane Technology []. Follow us on Twitter: @HumaneTech_ []
43 min - 12. Sept. 2023
The AI ‘Race’: China vs. the US with Jeffrey Ding and Karen Hao
In the debate over slowing down AI, we often hear the same argument against regulation.   “What about China? We can’t let China get ahead.” To dig into the nuances of this argument, Tristan and Aza speak with academic researcher Jeffrey Ding and journalist Karen Hao, who take us through what’s really happening in Chinese AI development. They address China’s advantages and limitations, what risks are overblown, and what, in this multi-national competition, is at stake as we imagine the best possible future for everyone. RECOMMENDED MEDIA Recent Trends in China’s Large Language Model Landscape by Jeffrey Ding and Jenny W. Xiao [] This study covers a sample of 26 large-scale pre-trained AI models developed in China The diffusion deficit in scientific and technological power: re-assessing China’s rise by Jeffrey Ding [] This paper argues for placing a greater weight on a state’s capacity to diffuse, or widely adopt, innovations The U.S. Is Turning Away From Its Biggest Scientific Partner at a Precarious Time by Karen Hao and Sha Hua [] U.S. moves to cut research ties with China over security concerns threaten American progress in critical areas Why China Has Not Caught Up Yet: Military-Technological Superiority and the Limits of Imitation, Reverse Engineering, and Cyber Espionage by Andrea Gilli and Mauro Gilli [] Military technology has grown so complex that it’s hard to imitate RECOMMENDED YUA EPISODES The Three Rules of Humane Tech [] A Fresh Take on Tech in China with Rui Ma and Duncan Clark [] Digital Democracy is Within Reach with Audrey Tang [] Your Undivided Attention is produced by the Center for Humane Technology []. Follow us on Twitter: @HumaneTech_ []
45 min - 31. Aug. 2023

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